16th Nov, 2020

For 2020 our NZ Flowers Week theme is ‘Resilience in Bloom’. NZ Growers, wholesalers, courier companies and florists have faced a challenging year with COVID-19 restrictions limiting business operations and shifting how we conduct and navigate ‘business as usual’.

As a country that has come together and united against COVID-19, we’re thrilled to once again be championing and cherishing all of the amazing people at the heart of our industry by sharing how they remained resilient in a time of crisis. Incredibly the NZ floral industry employs over 10,000 kiwis and plays a vital part within our local communities by contributing a rich floriculture knowledge and service.

New Zealand Flower week aims to:

•Shine a positive spotlight on the industry
•Humanise the industry (there are lots of 'people' behind those flowers!)
•Show support for domestically grown products (#grownnotflown)
•Educate NZ consumers on where their flowers come from
•Create an event that garners nationwide industry support/buy-in
•Stimulate greater interest in flower industry careers