11th Nov, 2019

New Zealand Flower week aims to:

•Shine a positive spotlight on the industry
•Humanise the industry (there are lots of 'people' behind those flowers!)
•Show support for domestically grown products (#grownnotflown)
•Educate NZ consumers on where their flowers come from
•Create an event that garners nationwide industry support/buy-in
•Stimulate greater interest in flower industry careers

The theme for this year’s NZ Flowers Week campaign is to show how powerful flowers can be: how they can provoke emotions and deliver meaningful messages without the need for words.

Flowers transcend all language, religion and culture to portray empathy, love, sadness and happiness.

Their significance to the human race during times of celebration or sorrow is incomparable to any other known item.

Across the globe flowers are used for events, funerals, décor, and gifts. They are ingrained in our societies as being significant parts of our life’s story.

What is more powerful then that?