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Resilience in Bloom - Mangere Floral Studio (VIDEO)

Mangere Floral Studio - Resilience With Bloom

2020 challenged small business owners in developing business strategies, clear lines of communication with employees and ensuring that they were able to survive lockdown to reopen.

Mangere Floral Studio owner/operator Sepali Naus faced the unknown during the start of this global pandemic, along with many other small kiwi businesses. How was she going to keep her staff employed during the alert Level-4 lockdown? What could she do to grow the businesses digital footprint from home? How would she manage her staff safety when contactless trading began again at Level-3?

During the COVID-19 level four lockdown, Sepali started looking at how she could update her website and regularly communicate with her buyers to ensure that they were going to be able to continue to supply the community with fresh, local blooms to enjoy - especially for Mother's Day.

Redesigning how the team worked in the shop space was key in their strategy to ensure their safety and creating 'teams' that worked on rotations. With the backlog of courier deliveries, Sepali brought the family in to make floral deliveries around the community - a family affair to support the business. Being the community florist, Mangere Floral Studio strives to continue to be a pillar within the community and spread the power of flowers.

Discover Mangere Floral Studio story and how they continued to be the community florist.

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