What does your emotion mean to you?

Our emotions are an integral part of who we are… without emotion, how can we love what we see, do and create? Emotions are a powerful tool in life. In my case, I chose ‘JOY’ as the emotion that best encapsulates the work I do… the joy of creating something unique every time I design an arrangement and the joy that my creations provide at the end of the process.

Explain the concept of your design and how it relates to your emotion?

When designing my arrangement, the word that came to mind associated with joy, was ‘Celebration’. This is expressed as an explosion of colour… a celebration of colour in the spirit of a birthday, wedding, Christmas, a gathering of friends and family… or a bundle of joy… a new arrival!

Draw on past/present experience where you personally had to design something that was used to express this emotion?

One of my early roles as a florist was an in-house role at a 5-star hotel in Auckland where my responsibility was to create large flower arrangements throughout the hotel, with a key feature being in the lobby entrance. The designs of these were to create a sense of welcome and joy to hotel guests as they entered the hotel. My objective was to design arrangements that made people stop and appreciate the colour and design aspects of my arrangements. It gave me great pleasure to see guests having their photos taken with the arrangements… Joy!

How important do you think flowers are to show emotions or as a symbol?

This question is a repeat of what does the ‘Power of Flowers’ mean to me and how it plays a role in my life. But to answer the question specifically, flowers have a unique ability to bring out different emotions whether the occasion is happy or sad and it is my job to encapsulate this in my design work and use of colour to express emotion. The importance of flowers as a symbol is clearly expressed in their use as international symbols… the English Rose, Scottish Thistle and the ‘Brave’ Blossom on international rugby jerseys, plus the use of the maple leaf and silver fern on flags… all-powerful symbols.