What does your emotion mean to you?

Nostalgia is a sentimentality for the past, especially for a time or place associated with happy personal memories.

Explain the concept of your design and how it relates to your emotion?

So often someone will say how a flower reminds them of a special person in their life – often a grandparent. Sometimes it is the scent, which is very powerful at evoking memories and transporting us back to a particular place or time, but sometimes it is seeing the flower itself and remembering it growing in the garden when they were a child, or in a grandparent’s garden.

It is a nostalgic feeling – a positive association with the past.

When we arrange flowers we create a type of garden in a bunch, or a vase – a mixture of flowers and foliage, of whimsical elements, which can be a reminder of the past for some people. And often there is the nostalgia for what is perceived to be a more innocent time.

It is a romantic notion and our garden installation has a romantic feel to it that elevates the spirit and enhances appreciation of our natural world, with all its delightful foibles and irregularities; its perfect imperfections.

The child sitting in the garden contributes to the emotion of nostalgia, representing the childhood that so many of us are reminded of when coming across a particular flower or plant.

She also represents the idea of a perceived more innocent age, when maybe more of us were more closely connected to nature, spending more time outside, in green spaces.

But she also represents the human element in nature, the relationship between garden and gardener, the interaction, the nurturing, observation and appreciation required to bring flowers and plants to their most beautiful, abundant, full-blown maturity – a state that can take your breath away, be mesmerising and awe-inspiring.

Not everyone is a gardener, but a gardener and a garden has been the genesis of most of the flowers that we experience and even if you have no garden and no experience of gardening, a beautiful bunch of naturally arranged flowers and foliage, even seedheads, grasses, twigs and vines, enables us to experience the abundant beauty that nature provides for us.