What does your emotion mean to you?

I love using NZ grown flowers and foliages, and I wanted my design to reflect this. We're so lucky that in NZ we have access to beautiful, lush and premium flowers and I am thankful and grateful that everyday I get to work with such beautiful flowers.

Explain the concept of your design and how it relates to your emotion?

Using the language of flowers, these emotions are represented by flowers such as roses, sweet peas, poppies and the colour pink. I decided to utilise these flowers and other fabulous NZ-grown stems to showcase a lush and bountiful installation; which best represents the feeling of gratitude and thankfulness.

Draw on past/present experience where you personally had to design something that was used to express this emotion?

I design arrangements and flowers everyday for people that come in and want to surprise their friends or loved ones with flowers to show their appreciation. Dunedin being a big student city, having a large hospital and hosting I.D fashion week, I get experience so many different moments of thankfulness and gratitude from graduating, giving birth/surgery and showcasing fashion collections.

How important do you think flowers are to show emotions or as a symbol?

I get to share so many important milestones with people. Through the language of flowers, I am able to express what these emotions means through colour, texture and flower meanings. Flowers really do show a range of emotion and as a florist you get to be involved with so many of these moments.

As a florist, it's important to understand the occasion, where these flowers are going and that person to reflect he emotion, the personality and the meanings of those flowers. They evoke comfort and express respect, bringing peace and beauty in times of sorrow.