What does your emotion mean to you? I was very excited to receive the emotion 'sorrow', as I personally suffer from depression and know many others who suffer that are close to me.In New Zealand, we are plagued by people not wanting to talk about their emotions and I'm wanting to show an artist way that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Explain the concept of your design and how it relates to your emotion? The concept I decided to base my creation on was mental health and the sadness it evokes in many of us. My three rings represent the mind and its journey from darkness to light when we are in a depressive state. I hope that this concept helps people understand and relate to mental health on a different level.

Draw on past/present experience where you personally had to design something that was used to express this emotion? I design arrangements and flowers for funerals - funerals play an important role in the flower industry and are used to express grief sadness and sorrow - flowers say what you can't say yourself.

How important do you think flowers are to show emotions or as a symbol? As a florist, it's important to understand the occasion, where these flowers are going and that person to reflect he emotion, the personality and the meanings of those flowers. They evoke comfort and express respect, bringing peace and beauty in times of sorrow.