What does your emotion mean to you? I was very excited to receive my emotion of "LOVE" as this is a very happy feeling and we often have to portray this feeling in the shop a lot. I can really use full advantage of the colours to bring out the feeling.

Explain the concept of your design and how it relates to your emotion? I have named my concept "the proposal" the semi circle of flowers around the ottoman has an engagement ring on it. The lady is slipping into a bath to admire her new ring! The flower back drop colours I have chosen pretty much explains how she is feeling " THE LOVE".

Draw on past/present experience where you personally had to design something that was used to express this emotion? Daily, we are exposed to this emotion in the shop, valentines day is a perfect example of people purchasing flowers to show their "LOVE". All through summer we have wedding season and we play a big part in creating the perfect flowers for our customers special day.

How important do you think flowers are to show emotions or as a symbol? Crucial: as a florist it's very helpful to know what the occasion is when we are designing a project for a customer, so we can use sutible flowers, textures and colours. Flowers can show emotion in completely different ways from a birthday to a sympathy to a wedding.