Feel Good With Flowers sat down with Samantha Trott, owner of Samantha Rose Flowers, in Ashburton to discover to her passion for flowers, creativity and how she got into the flower industry.

What inspired you to first become a florist?

From a young age I was very creative, being brought up on a farm, I spent a lot of time around nature and enjoyed watching flowers and plants grow. I've always wanted to be a florist.

Where did you study/practice floristry?

Christchurch Academy

What do you love about using NZ grown flowers and foliage?

Our country is very beautiful as you travel from the North to the South the landscape continues to change. It's quite fascinating how some varieties of flowers grow to their best quality in different areas of the country and take full advantage of the climate. I love using NZ grown product that are lovely and fresh and are cut at the correct time. We are lucky to have a large selection of NZ grown flowers throughout the year.

What does the ‘Power of Flowers’ mean to you?

Being able to incorporate certain colours and texture to portray a scene, using flowers can absolutely create a feeling and emotion of what you're surrounded amongst.

How does ‘The Power of Flowers’, play a role in your life?

Flowers play a huge roll in my life as I'm lucky enough to go to work every day and surround myself in beautiful flowers throughout the year. We have the best job ever!

How would you describe your design style?

Clean, fresh, feminine

What has been your biggest highlight as a florist so far?

Opening up my own store in Ashburton has been a massive achievement, but having the support from the community loving what we can create is by far the biggest highlight! Getting to a stage of employing staff is a huge step.

What do you see the future of NZ grown flowers to be?

I would like to see a different way of packaging the flowers to reduce the amount of plastic the flowers come packaged in. Always exciting to see the growers come up with manipulating the colours of some of their products.