Flowers have forever been an intrinsic touch point in our lives, naturally weaving their way into our daily rituals. They can be symbolic and have the power to portray feelings, memories or unite communities. Flowers have no rules, no barriers and they simply just are.

As a country that prides itself on its clean, green outlook we must take the time to appreciate nature’s gift – flowers. And doing just that is New Zealand Flowers Week 2019, back with added vigour and a renewed theme, ‘The Power of Flowers’.

This year’s theme was grown from a notion; flowers transcend all languages, religions and cultures. Flowers have infinite emotions, grown without bias or definition and we repurpose flowers to accommodate our emotions. Flowers are shared in times of deep sorrow, as a reminder of comfort to whoever needs it most, they’re also received and shared in times of great joy, to celebrate new life and when honouring success – flowers have no restrictions and their power is beautifully immeasurable.

Rebecca Jones, NZ Flowers Week Group Marketing Manager, says, “this year’s theme was birthed when reflecting on how integral flowers have been to our country in recent times. Here in New Zealand we’re so fortunate to have expert local growers and florists who create our first-class floral industry and make coming together with flowers a possibility. Few realise how talented us Kiwis are when it comes to florals so we’re thrilled to once again be championing and cherishing all of the amazing people at the heart of our industry.”

Incredibly in New Zealand the floral industry employs around 10,000 people Jones says. “And through the United Flower Growers auctions anywhere between 50,000 and 100,000 stems of flowers are sold per week, depending on the season. That’s a lot of flowers – and a lot of power if you will!

“For the local industry to continue to blossom, it’s imperative Kiwis choose NZ-grown flowers. That ‘buy local’ message very much stems to our local growers and florists. Together we need to reinvest in our roots and grow from the ground up.”

This year’s theme also speaks to the power of flowers on a scientific level, with a Harvard Medical School study finding people feel more compassionate towards others, have less worry and anxiety and feel less depressed when fresh cut flowers are present in a home.

“See it’s true, flowers are so much more than good looks and pretty additions to your home,” concludes Jones.

NZ Flowers Week 2019 will incorporate several nationwide activations and leading florists who will create installations specific to the ‘The Power of Flowers’ theme.

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About NZ Flowers Week

New Zealand Flowers Week is an event that dedicates itself to showcasing the best that the flower industry has to offer. A week- long celebration to enhance awareness about our amazing domestic cut flower agriculture and innovative floral design. NZ Flowers Week is a chance for everyone to show their support for locally grown and to celebrate the very best of domestic flowers and foliage.