1. Please explain your concept/thoughts behind your ‘past’ design installation:

Table Arrangement

My past journey within floristry has involved many years of working for others as well as free lancing and teaching at the school of floristry in Christchurch.
I was a tutor for over 4 years and taught level 3 commercial floristry. Among practical skills, one of the most important units taught were the principles and elements of design, the real basis of our art and many others. There are 4 elements and 14 principles to learn, once a student understands the elements and principles of design, it makes the floristry come much more naturally!

The 4 elements of design are texture, form, colour and space.

The 14 principles of design are design, originality and flair, balance, line, focal areas, unity and harmony, scale and proportion, contrast, grouping, rhythm, repetition, transition, dimension and voids.

My Concept

My arrangement represents some of the principles and elements of design.
I wanted to show the contrast and transition of living lush, blowsy blooms smudging into static dried materials and show how truly beautiful they look together.
It has lots of contrasting forms and textures with rough, dry and coarse materials moving into soft, blowsy, fluffy groupings of blooms with soft marshmallow pinks, whites and browns.

2. Please explain your concept/thoughts behind your ‘present’ design installation:

Bright Wedding Bouquet

I took the leap 3 years ago and left my teaching job to open my own shop in Darfield, a little town in rural Canterbury. The shop is such an extension of me and it’s so amazing to be able to finally work to my own style.
I love using what nature has to offer. I love texture and try to celebrate what we have around us in Canterbury and NZ. I love experimenting with colour, form and texture! I have been really inundated with weddings since opening my shop and am finding brides are totally trusting of my style and are getting way more adventurous with colour and texture, which is refreshing!

My Concept

To create a big over the top bespoke bouquet with lush trails and loads of texture. I wanted bold colours and for this bouquet to be the star of the shot!
I played with colour and bold blooms, using the contrast of soft phalaenopsis orchids, sandersonia and spikey leucospermum, finished with stunning silk ribbons from Feather and Stone.

3. Please explain your concept/thoughts behind your ‘future’ design installation

Urn Arrangement

I see myself building my business and making it stronger over the next few years but I would also like to learn the art of Photography so I can capture images of my own floral work. It has always been a secret dream of mine to have my own book, a beautiful coffee table book with stunning images of floral arrangements. Who knows if it will ever happen, but dreams are free.

My Concept

I wanted to create an arrangement like one of the old classic Victorian still life oil paintings of a totally over the top arrangement against a dark moody background, so the flowers are the absolute star of the show! I wanted this arrangement to look dark, sexy and moody.
The arrangement is in tones of violet and cerise, in a Victorian style urn vase with lush foliage and classic blooms.

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