1. Please explain your concept/thoughts behind your ‘past’ design installation:

Floral Fence Frame

Before getting into floristry, I had worked on and off over a few years in wineries & vineyards. I had completed 2 vintages here in Wanaka & Queenstown and then another over in Tasmania.

I decided I wanted to study it, so signed up for the first year of Horticulture which would then take me onto a second year of Viticulture (grape growing). Naturally I was drawn to the flowers and plant side of things during my course and decided to get a summer job at a flower shop. The rest is history.

My ‘Past’ installation represents the wine industry in the form of hanging florals such as Wisteria & Jasmine. We used Idesza or ‘wonder’ berries for the grape side of things & my time learning Horticulture is represented through the beautiful white blossom & manuka flower.
The lower part of my installation represents my transition from wine making (top part) into the floristry world (lower part). It was a fairly quick change in career paths but living here in Central Otago, both worlds will forever interconnect. You just can’t get away from wine down here and let’s be honest, why would you want to?!

2. Please explain your concept/thoughts behind your ‘present’ design installation:

Flower Shower

Since the opening of my shop in August last year, my little flower business has gone from strength to strength and I am constantly learning.
So many ideas to move forward & opportunities to grow in this industry have arisen in such a short amount of time and I am just relishing in the fact I am lucky enough to do what I do, every single day.
My ‘present’ installation represents this constant flow of ideas, options & opportunities that are pouring down on me in the form of ‘flower rain’.
The beautiful masses of colourful flowers on the ground represent some sort of order that will be gained from pulling out and organising all those great ideas coming my way!

3. Please explain your concept/thoughts behind your ‘future’ design installation:

Greenery Hoop

The future for The Green Room is certainly green. I have recently started selling beautiful indoor plants at the shop & have had such a wonderful response from all of our lovely locals. All of our indoor plants are grown in NZ and it’s a lovely option to give as a gift or to buy for yourself to add to a plant collection. I think modern trends are moving towards having lots of lovely leafy green plants in the home. They purify the air and soften hard surroundings. I think it’s really satisfying if you can manage to keep a whole collection of plants alive and healthy, the only bad side is it quickly becomes an obsession!! But in my opinion, there are never too many plants to be had!
My ‘Future’ installation is a circular ‘plant portal’ made from lots of lush green foliage and indoor plants. It signifies The Green Room’s move into the plant world.

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