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Working from a petite but beautiful shop in Takapuna, Franca and her team produce some serious flower magic.

You will always be greeted with a creative window display that can only be described as floral artistry. Franca is known for producing unique ‘European’ inspired designs that push the boundaries of everyday floristry.

A Dutch designer with over 25 years of international design experience, style, flare and a serious passion for all things botanical, Franca emits floral creativity within her day to day life.

Florienne was started in 2009, in an aid to bring people and flowers closer together through creativity and beautiful floral arrangements.

We got the chance to ask Franca about her experiences as a florist in New Zealand:

What does it mean to you to be a NZ florist?

I am fortunate to be working in flowers as it is a passion. Doing something you love for a living is a fortunate thing, flowers bring happiness to people, I love having a shop and filling it with beautiful and interesting NZ grown flowers, there is always something new and exciting coming into season

What do you love about NZ Flowers and foliage?

I love what is in season, it is always exciting to anticipate the flowers that are about to come into season like the Peonies, Hydrangeas, Lisianthus. I love the quality of our Cymbidiums and Roses and Chrysanthemums

What sparked your interest to become a florist?

After university and studying Fine Arts and planning to go into teaching I fell into floristry when a shop came up for sale and a friend thought it would be a good idea. We decided to go and study floristry instead of buying the shop as neither of us knew anything about floristry and neither of us wanted to go into this industry blindly. Flowers were a hobby when I was younger but I had never thought I would make a career out of it, I have loved floristry and floral artistry ever since.

Where did you study/practice floristry?

I am from the Netherlands originally, studied, worked and taught floristry in Canada, worked in the UK and have also done floristry demos and floral exhibitions in those countries and in Malaysia and Singapore

How long have you been working ‘in the biz’?

25 years now

What has been your biggest challenge as a florist so far?

Having a busy flowershop and juggling the extra workload that comes with your own business with family life, I have had to put some of the creative floral art and teaching jobs on hold as the shop is very busy, but luckily I often get commissioned to do creative jobs so I still get to play with flowers too

What has been your biggest highlight as a florist so far?

Having work published in a couple of International Design Books published in Belgium, travelling to Malaysia, Singapore, Canada to do demos and floral art exhibits, and here in NZ at Ellerslie and also the David Austin Launch for Van Lier, there are many more highlights I can’t name just one, this industry can take you on so many interesting journeys

How would you describe your design style?

Depends on what I am making, hand-tieds are a favourite and I love loose open airy casual, still having structure but with casual elements and textures, all white and green or playing with oranges and some colour. I love creating floral art structures, sculptural pieces or shapes but then adding random casual flowers to give an ethereal feel.

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