Spotlight on: Kathryn Fleming, The Flower Project

Kathryn began her career in the flower industry working in her hometown of Surrey, England as a shop apprentice making no income and doing all the ‘dirty jobs’ the senior florists didn’t want to! In fact, if you ask any accomplished florist in New Zealand most will say that their humble beginnings started by washing vases, stripping roses and cleaning leave/debris off the shop floor.

But her love of floristry ‘blossomed’ and after some world travel she settled in New Zealand in 2007 to start her first floral business: Boudica Flowers. Through hard work from her ‘garage studio’, Kathryn’s flower business expanded from doing wedding and event flowers for friends, to supplying all flower stands through Farro Fresh stores in Auckland.As Farro has grown in popularity and expanded its reach across Auckland, so has Kathryn’s clientele and flower following.

Going on almost 10 years working in the NZ Flower Industry, Kathryn started her second business in early 2015: The Flower Project

This new venture is unique for the NZ industry as it provides a ‘flower subscription service’ to the consumer. The same way you can subscribe to receive monthly magazines, or weekly produce, you can now receive fresh flowers to your doorstep on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis! How cool is that? The Flower Project has a range of 3 floral selections to choose from, filled with gorgeous seasonal blooms and curated by Kathryn herself.

We asked Kathryn a few key questions about being a florist in NZ:

What does it mean to you to be a NZ florist?

I think New Zealand has so much natural beauty and that is why I wanted to live here over any other country, being a florist in this country to me means hard work, lovely customers and after 10 years the ability to have flexible work hours.

What do you love about NZ Flowers and Foliage?

Because I am a gardener as well as a florist I love the fact that all the flowers we see coming through the auctions are things that we can see in growing in gardens across the country.We are bringing our natural environment inside.

Kathryn passions, alongside her family, are flowers that evoke the vibrancy and changing seasons of Auckland city. Her hope is to inspire people with her passion for flowers, cultivate creativity and to provide people with the best fresh flowers New Zealand has to offer at an accessible price.

A note from Kathryn:

“I believe that creativity and spirituality are interconnected, by spirituality I am meaning the human spirit, the place in us that feels connected to life. It’s that place in us that never ends, which cannot be accurately described by words and can only be felt by the heart. I hope that this project encourages people to express themselves once a week, once a fortnight, through nature and flowers. Learn a skill, try something new. Touching, holding, seeing, feeling, all of this brought to your doorstep. A secret package, a surprise, to open and enjoy not just for that moment but for all the moments as their beauty unravels. Life. From beginning to end, so brief. Seize it.”