Spotlight on: Eden Hessel, Senior Florist at The Botanist in the City Works Depot Auckland, New Zealand

Eden’s passion for the flower industry stems from true “grass roots”- her Mother’s garden.

With a deep love of nature and inspired to design from a young age, Eden started working one day a week at a florist from the age of 11. This part-time passion then grew to a full-time career.

A regular in the NZ media spotlight, Eden has built an amazing floristry career through hard work, dedication and a bit of ‘boundary-pushing’ along the way.

She spent a short spell working for the local flower auctions, expanding her knowledge of all product lines and seasons. Eden has long-standing industry relationships and has a first-hand understanding of NZ flowers and foliage through her work at the auctions.

Some of Eden’s favourite things about the NZ Flower Industry are:

-Studying floristry in NZ can open many doors: there are so many career options available when you study floristry. You can travel and work overseas, work for the industry auction houses, end up in flower trading, the possibilities are endless.

-Growers passion: NZ Growers put so much work and energy into producing beautiful products. It’s nice to see such a rich history flourishing throughout the country.

Eden is has been working at The Botanist in the City Works Depot for two and a half years now and is opening a new store in Orakai next week, business is booming!

Their main aim is to keep the old school boutique florist vibe alive with a more personal and real atmosphere which makes sure the customer knows exactly what they’re getting.

All of The Botanist’s bouquets are one offs, providing customers with well thought out, detailed arrangements.

Eden says:

“Florist's love creating memories and pleasure for our customers, as some days can be pretty crappy in this day in age so such a simple gesture like sending flowers to a loved one makes our job all the worthwhile! It's a fickle industry but NZ florists enjoy the energy, beautiful product we get to work with and results in love and appreciation from the sender. Just always trust your local florist and never be afraid to ask what the florists pick is! Our bouquet which we chose for NZFW is romantic, peaceful and inspiring…”

For any inquiries contact Eden directly via email or phone (09) 308 9494