Spotlight on: Carley Foster, Owner/Senior Florist of Joseph Jones Designer Florist in Dunedin, New Zealand

Carley embodies our vision of a true South Islander. She talks fast, thinks fast and has no time for any of our ‘Aucklander nonsense’.

Carley is a truly passionate creative, with a distinct personal style. This is reflected in how she works with flowers, going bold with design, texture and colour, making no apologies for bending the classic ‘flower rules.’

When we asked Carley to join in on the first ever NZ Flowers Week she agreed without hesitation.

This meant time off from her busy shop, Joseph Jones Designer Florist, in Dunedin to fly up to the ‘big smoke’ for a few days to work with a team of other florists on amazing flower installations. Carley brought such energy and enthusiasm to the project, stating that working with fellow florists really lit a new found level of creativity and drive for her return back to Dunedin.

She has spent many years adapting and developing her floral style. Carley started at the age of 15 working in local florists after school and is now running one of the most successful florists in Dunedin. She’s been on the scene for twenty-two year’s now and there is no going back!

Some of Carley’s favourite things about the NZ Flower Industry are:

- Distinct ‘seasonal’ products: when yummy product comes into season it’s very exciting to see old favourites again. Each season brings something new to the market so there is always fresh and varied NZ grown products to work with.

- Going to local markets: hand selecting NZ flowers and foliage is such a fun part of the job. Getting to see, feel and smell amazing locally grown product day in and day out is never boring!

- Putting a smile on people’s faces: Flowers make people feel good. Whether it’s for a happy moment or a really hard time, flowers bring such warmth and comfort.

Carley strives to use NZ Grown flowers and foliage at Joseph Jones Designer Florist year round. Knowing that product leaving her shop is grow locally and supports NZ families makes all the difference to her!

If you are looking for an amazing Dunedin Florist for all your flower needs you can find Carley’s details here:


A note from Carley..

'Joseph Jones is a true florist bursting with beautiful handpicked scented blooms that will take your breath away, we use luscious greenery, playful colour palettes and smells that will take you back to your childhood. Our team take proud in the stunning work we do whether it is one of our daily bouquets or a Bespoke romantic wedding.. Our main aim in the store is for our customers to fall in love with the flowers they receive as much as we fall in love creating them... x'