About NZ Flowers Week

New Zealand flower growers have been under pressure in recent years to compete with an ever expanding market for imported flowers and foliage. The history of domestic production is long and rich, we don’t want to see such an important area of commerce die out.

To flower retailers, NZ flowers and foliage are enjoying a long-awaited resurgence in support.

We want to encourage that support and help to educate the NZ consumer on what really happens ‘behind-the-scenes’ of the industry, so to speak.

New Zealand Grown flowers and foliage should be enjoyed year-round but especially during their peak seasons of spring and summer when production is high and therefore availability increases.

We hope to encourage Growers, wholesalers, florists and the NZ consumer to become more passionate than ever about local and seasonal flowers.

NZ Flowers Week is a chance for everyone to show their support for locally grown and to celebrate the very best of domestic flowers and foliage.

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Feel Good With Flowers sole aim is the promotion of the local flower industry to New Zealander's and to stimulate and encourage the increased purchasing of New Zealand grown flowers and foliage by both the general public and commercial organisations.

Feel Good With Flowers domestic branding effort. Encouraging New Zealander’s to choose NZ grown flower and foliage year-round. Look for this brand on all Feel Good With Flowers locally driven marketing campaigns.

United Flower Growers Ltd (UFG) is a company formed by the combination of grower-owned companies United Flower Auction Limited, and the flower operational arm of Market Gardeners Limited – creating a truly unique and well structured marketing organization that is totally focused to the needs of the New Zealand Flower Industry.

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